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Training & Services Offered Virtually 

IGNITE: 16 week cohort 

If you have a specific business idea, or you’ve been in business for a few years but have never written a business plan, this series is for you. These sessions introduce you to the essential components of a good business plan. Each session will help you move forward in your business with confidence starting with learning how to conduct informative marketing research for your business, outlining a basic marketing strategy to reach your best customer, and exploring how to create financial plans that will support business viability. 

Laptop Lending Program

This program was designed with the intention of over coming another barrier Black women entrepreneurs may face, which maybe having access to a laptop or computer. 

We will loan out laptops to Black women entrepreneurs to utilize to work on the business plan, financial projections & marketing plans.

This a FREE service

*conditions do apply

Fix Her Crown -6 week mentorship Initiative

Fix Her Crown was designed to have the effect of a support system for back women in business. A new business is hard and sometime we just need a" person"  .

Business and Market plan writing classes

Session 1: Let’s Start Market Research for your Business Plan

Session 2: Let’s Start Your Marketing Plan

Session 3: Let’s Start Your Financial Plan


 She Means Business 6 week cohort

A scale-up program is an initiative designed to support high-potential businesses in accelerating their growth and transitioning from the startup phase to becoming established, sustainable companies. Unlike traditional accelerator programs that primarily focus on early-stage startups, scale-up programs target companies that have already demonstrated a certain level of traction and are ready to scale their operations and expand their market presence.

One on One Consulting 

In one-on-one business consulting, the consultant engages in a direct and collaborative relationship with the client, offering expertise, experience, and industry knowledge to help the client make informed decisions, develop strategies, and overcome obstacles. The consultant works closely with the client to understand their business objectives, assess the current situation, and identify areas for improvement.

The consulting process may involve various activities, such as conducting market research, analyzing financial data, evaluating business processes, identifying growth opportunities, and creating action plans. The consultant may also provide guidance in areas like marketing, sales, operations, human resources, finance, and strategic planning.

Through regular meetings, discussions, and assessments, the consultant provides guidance and recommendations tailored to the client's unique business circumstances. The aim is to assist the client in achieving their business goals, improving efficiency, increasing profitability, and maximizing overall success.

One-on-one business consulting offers several benefits, including personalized attention, customized strategies, and focused support. The client can gain valuable insights, learn best practices, and receive expert advice specific to their industry and business challenges. This type of consulting is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking to launch or grow their businesses.

Overall, one-on-one business consulting is a collaborative partnership between a consultant and a client, where the consultant brings specialized knowledge and expertise to help the client achieve their business objectives and drive sustainable growth.


****This is a fee based service, please inquire. Go to service tab and book online


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