About US

BWIE- Blk Women In Excellence is a not for profit organization that educates, supports and encourages Black women entrepreneurs throughout Canada.  The organization started in 2020 and has supported 57 Black women to start businesses, numerous women rebrand their businesses and countless advocacy for Black women in business to secure partnerships with others business and store fronts.

We are most know for our 16 week cohort " Blk Business Baddies" which focuses on start ups, but we host different workshops, discussion panels, cohorts, pop up shops coaching call & consulting services. 



  " Thank you so much for this thoughtful testimonial Tia. I really appreciate it and it's been such a pleasure getting to know you these past few months. I did an interview for a Dalhousie study about barriers racialized business owners face yesterday and realized and talked about how if it wasn't for meeting you I don't think I would have finished my business plan, even going through the ANSEP with a different mentor. Working with you, who actually listens and gets what it is like emotionally to be a Black business owner and woman also navigating this world has been life-changing for me and helped me step up to the plate. I know I been putting in work, and it is largely due to having the support I've been searching for for YEARS finally this year from your mentorship and network.


Your leadership is so valuable and is making huge waves. Never let the people talkin' grind you down because we need you in this province and beyond. You are doing nothing but good. "


                                                                                                      Bria Miller Owner of BriaMakesThings

Its a beautiful day to be a Black woman 

                                               -Tia Upshaw


Our Mission

Our mission is to always support, inspire and advocate for Black women in business, we will only achieve this by breaking barriers & glass ceilings along the way 

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Our Vision

Our vision for BWIE its to offer our services, supports and advocacy work nationally to Black women in business. Along with building a network and a movement of Black women in business.

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