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The Forum Impact Event: A Conversation with Tia Upshaw

Join The Forum's CEO, Paulina Cameron, as she engages in an inspiring conversation about mentorship with CEO and Founder of Canadian Blk Women in Excellence (BWIE), Tia Upshaw. Tia's passion for mentorship led her to create BWIE - a non-profit that provides Black women in Atlantic Canada with the support she couldn't find as she began her entrepreneurial journey. Since 2020, Tia's organization has launched workshops, seminars, mentorship initiatives, and more to help Black women entrepreneurs overcome the barriers that prevent them from succeeding. Interested in supporting or connecting? You can reach Tia through...

Tia Upshaw CEO & Founder

Tia Upshaw is a remarkable individual who embodies the qualities of a dedicated mother, accomplished author, and serial entrepreneur. With a deep passion for empowering women and fostering business excellence, Tia has made a significant impact in her community and beyond.

As a mother of three, Tia understands the importance of balancing family responsibilities while pursuing her ambitious goals. She draws inspiration from her children and uses their experiences as a driving force to create positive change in the world.

Tia's talents extend beyond her role as a mother. She is a author, captivating readers with her insightful and thought-provoking works. Her writings provide a fresh perspective, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

In addition to her literary success, Tia has established herself as a serial entrepreneur. Her relentless drive and innovative mindset have resulted in the creation of multiple successful businesses. Through her ventures, she has created numerous employment opportunities and contributed to the economic growth of her community.

Recognized for her outstanding leadership and business acumen, Tia has been nominated for the prestigious Business Leader of the Year award by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce in both 2022 and 2023. Furthermore, she has been honored as a nominee for the RBC Woman of Influence award in 2021, 2022, and 2023, showcasing her profound impact on the business landscape.

Tia's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship has also led her to become the Professional in Residence at the Saint Marys University L Irving Entrepreneurship Centre in 2023. Through this role, she shares her expertise and guides aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the challenges of starting and growing their businesses.

Passionate about supporting and uplifting Black women, Tia is the founder and CEO of Blk Women in Excellence, a groundbreaking organization based in Nova Scotia and Kelowna, BC. This platform provides a space for Black women to connect, collaborate, and thrive. Tia's dedication to fostering a supportive community has transformed countless lives and contributed to the empowerment of Black women across Canada.

Tia is not only a successful entrepreneur and mentor but also a highly sought-after motivational speaker. Her charismatic presence and engaging speeches inspire audiences to unlock their true potential, encouraging them to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

As an entrepreneurship content creator, Tia offers a unique Afrocentric lens that resonates with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her facilitations and success stories provide practical insights and actionable strategies, equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed.

Furthermore, Tia serves as a mentor for the Rise and Scotia Bank women's mentorship initiative in partnership with the Forum. Through this program, she provides guidance, support, and valuable advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Tia Upshaw is an extraordinary individual who has made a significant impact as a mother, author, serial entrepreneur, and mentor. Her unwavering dedication to empowering women and fostering entrepreneurship has transformed lives and inspired countless individuals to reach for greatness.


‘Blk Women in Excellence NS & BC  are not for profit organizations that supports the education and empowerment of Black Women in Nova Scotia & BC to be self-employed in sustainable businesses. The organization was established in September 2020 to support, encourage and educate Black women entrepreneurs through cohorts, workshops and seminars; community partnerships and engagement; coaching calls and mentorship initiatives.’



"Tia genuinely loves to support black women in business. I know this because my first encounter with her was truly genuine. She promoted my business by reposting a poster of mine without having ever spoken to me, knowing that she had no personal gain and that, to me, is a true example of selflessness. 

She pushes her ladies (mentees) with tough love and celebrates their wins; big and small and as a mentee, I truly appreciate her coaching style."



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