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The Forum Impact Event: A Conversation with Tia Upshaw

Join The Forum's CEO, Paulina Cameron, as she engages in an inspiring conversation about mentorship with CEO and Founder of Canadian Blk Women in Excellence (BWIE), Tia Upshaw. Tia's passion for mentorship led her to create BWIE - a non-profit that provides Black women in Atlantic Canada with the support she couldn't find as she began her entrepreneurial journey. Since 2020, Tia's organization has launched workshops, seminars, mentorship initiatives, and more to help Black women entrepreneurs overcome the barriers that prevent them from succeeding. Interested in supporting or connecting? You can reach Tia through...

Tia Upshaw CEO & Founder

Tia Upshaw is a serial entrepreneur, mother of 3, nominee for Business leader of the year 2022 &2023 Halifax Chamber of Commerce, nominee for RBC Woman of Influence 2021 & 2022 and founder & CEO of Blk Women in Excellence. She  is also a mentor with Rise & Scotia Bank women's mentorship initiative in partnership with the Forum. She also is a well known motivational speaker, entrepreneurship content creator ( Afrocentric lens) & facilitator with success stories attached to her facilitations.


‘Blk Women in Excellence is a not for profit organization that supports the education and empowerment of Black Women in Nova Scotia to be self-employed in sustainable businesses. The organization was established in September 2020 to support, encourage and educate Black women entrepreneurs through cohorts, workshops and seminars; community partnerships and engagement; coaching calls and mentorship initiatives.’



She has the dedication, and tenacity to be able to overcome barriers that would normally condemn another. Tia has taken her first business to a scalable entity, and has accomplished gaining 3 additional business, without a loan of capital.

The journey as an entrepreneur She has been faced with “hard times” and “good times” places her in the position to be able to mentor, coach and teach others “how to start a sustainable business” and her focus is with the underrepresented Black communities within Canada!

"Tia genuinely loves to support black women in business. I know this because my first encounter with her was truly genuine. She promoted my business by reposting a poster of mine without having ever spoken to me, knowing that she had no personal gain and that, to me, is a true example of selflessness. 

She pushes her ladies (mentees) with tough love and celebrates their wins; big and small and as a mentee, I truly appreciate her coaching style."



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