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 We had the pleasure of meeting during the WIB conference at STFX, where you were the guest speaker, as well as at the apple blossom festival in Kentville. Your story and the work of your organization have truly inspired me. The impact you're making to better the world is

Alex Dulay

Tia genuinely loves to support black women in business. I know this because my first encounter with her was truly genuine. She promoted my business by reposting a poster of mine without having ever spoken to me, knowing that she had no personal gain and that, to me, is a true example of selflessness. 

She pushes her ladies (mentees) with tough love and celebrates their wins; big and small and as a mentee, I truly appreciate her coaching style.



CVP Beauty

Tia and BWIE has given me the opportunity to spread my wings. There have been a few women in my professional life who have seen the value in my skills and talent and Tia has been one of them. Inviting me to consult on her first Pitch Competition was an absolute honour. I see even more great things ahead for BWIE. 

I am enjoying being a mentor as well as facilitation workshops for BWIE cohorts. 

Congratulations on your second anniversary, and I cannot wait to celebrate many more with you.


Missy Symonds Searl


L Searl Virtual Consultant Services

"Shantia has been an incredible mentor and role model for me this past year. In the short time that I've known her, she has given me practical advice, resources and connections that have really allowed me to accelerate my business far beyond where I was a year ago. She has always been a message or phone call away (which is beyond comprehension with all the things that she juggles!) but she always makes time for any up and coming women in business. Along with advice on mainstreaming, financial planning, legalities and more, the most powerful thing I have learned from Shantia is how to build the confidence to sit at tables with other powerful leaders in business without ever feeling small or compromising who I am. My favourite thing about her is how she has created BWIE - a network of black women in business that meet regularly, support each other and share conversations and connections to help each other flourish and grow (which is something this province has never seen before). I am extremely proud and inspired by everything she has done and continues to do. Watching her inspires me to continue on this path to becoming a successful black woman in business."



Blue Nile Massage & Wellness Inc.
Halifax, NS
IG: bluenile.massage.wellness

When I knew nothing about wholesale part of business, Tia the founder of BWIE, connected me with the first local store that carried my products and this helped boost my exposure to new potential clients.

Funmilayo Odeniyi

MichNat Fashion


" BWIE has been instrumental in helping me navigate, manage and build a business. Tia's knowledge , passion and the tribe and sisterhood that she has created is the epitome of a Blk women Excellence. 


I had so many questions and was so unsure about my direction and even if I belonged in my industry , but Tia’s expertise and group sessions gave me the confidence I once lacked. I recommend the  16 week program to any black woman who wants to start or wants to re launch their business!! “ 

Erika Campbell

ANAE Properties

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