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Winner of 2023 BWIE Pitch Competition

Blessing Owowa
Owner of DB Pearlz 

The 2nd Annual Pitch Competition for Black women in business hosted by Blk Women in Excellence is an event or platform that provides an opportunity for Black women entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas and compete for funding or other resources. These competitions are designed to support and promote the entrepreneurial ventures of Black women, who historically face unique challenges and barriers in accessing capital and resources for their businesses. In a pitch competition, participants typically have a limited amount of time, such as a few minutes, to present their business idea or venture to a panel of judges, investors, or a live audience. They outline their business model, target market, revenue projections, and any other relevant information to convince the judges of the viability and potential success of their venture. The judges evaluate the pitches based on various criteria, which may include the strength of the business idea, market opportunity, scalability, competitive advantage, financial projections, and the presentation itself. The competition may have multiple rounds, with participants advancing based on their performance in each round, leading up to a final round where winners are selected. Blk Women in Excellence 2nd Annual Pitch competition for Black women in business aim to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where these entrepreneurs can network, gain exposure, receive feedback on their business ideas, and potentially secure funding or other resources to grow their ventures. They also serve as a platform to celebrate and highlight the achievements and contributions of Black women in the business world, helping to address the underrepresentation and inequality they often face in entrepreneurship and access to capital.


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