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BWIE National Black Women's Entrepreneurship Conference 2023

The goal of this conference -” BWIE National Black Women's Entrepreneurship Conference” is to inspire and educate Black women entrepreneurs to be self-employed in sustainable businesses by increasing their essential business skills. The conference  aims to help Black women gain confidence, knowledge , empowerment, networking skills, self-respect, and independence – to be a “Baddie in business”,  a woman who feels empowered to succeed.

The need for this conference has also been demonstrated through an extensive out-reach process to all Black communities in Nova Scotia, including Black women who have registered businesses in each of the Black communities. This process included consultations utilizing mini roundtable sessions, community engagements, Zoom meetings, and panel discussions with active businesses & business leaders in the Black communities, will act as valuable role models. The sessions will be based on the adult education principles.

What to look forward to

Accommodations while you attend the conference

Harbourfront Marriott

We have been able to secure rooms in the hotel the conference is taking place, at affordable rates.

This is based on your occupancy:

Single $241.00

Double $241.00

 When booking your room use code: BLKBLKR

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