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Unveiling the Funding Hustle: Decoding the Struggle for Support in the Black Community

let's talk real for a minute – you ever notice how the government is throwing stacks of cash at non-Black organizations for projects that ain't even in their lane, while Black-run crews out here grinding for every dollar to support their own community? It's a head-scratcher, for real. Let's dive deep into this funding game and unpack why it's hitting different for Black organizations.

1. The Money Mystery

Picture this: funds flowing like water to non-Black organizations venturing into the Black community, even if it ain't exactly their main gig. It's like the priorities got mixed up or something. What's the deal with that? The question lingers, and it's got folks wondering if it's a case of misdirected focus or something more tangled.

2. The Struggle is Real

Flip the script, and you got Black-run organizations. These are the folks who bleed passion for their own people, hustling to uplift and empower. Yet, when it comes to securing those funds, it's like they're in an endless uphill battle. The energy's there, the drive's there, but the dollars? Not always as much.

Cracking the Code:

*Calling Out the Disparity: Step one is shining a light on the glaring disparities. We're talking about getting government bigwigs to sit down and chat about why the cash flow isn't always matching the vibe of Black organizations. It's about checking the playbook and maybe rewriting some pages.

*Transparent Moves: Transparency is the name of the game. Government wallets should be wide open, and the allocation process? Crystal clear. Setting up checks and balances ensures that funds hit where they're meant to and that everyone's playing by the same rules.

*Black & Non-Black Unity: Now here's the kicker – seasoned non-Black organizations teaming up with grassroots Black crews. Imagine the impact if they joined forces, sharing skills, resources, and networks. Governments could roll out policies that encourage this collab action, leveling up the whole scene.

*Policy Remix: It's time for policy shake-up. Governments can drop some new rules that put equity, fairness, and support for grassroots Black orgs front and center. It's about setting the stage for a funding system that respects the grind and uplifts the community.

The Way We Roll:

We ain't here to just talk. It's about action, about holding the government to their word. By having these conversations, making those moves, and pushing for real policy shifts, we're steering towards a future that's all about leveling the playing field. It's about more than cash – it's about recognizing the power of Black-run orgs, celebrating their hustle, and making sure the community feels that impact.

As we hustle forward, let's keep the government accountable, foster epic partnerships, and push for policies that don't just talk the talk but walk the walk. This is the moment to erase those funding gaps and blaze a trail towards a world where every voice is heard, every hustle's respected, and every community shines.


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Teena Mariee
Teena Mariee
Aug 15, 2023

Exactly, we need to start speaking up as a whole. Fighting for what we as black organizations and communities deserve.

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